3 Best Tips for Digital Creatives on Social Media

3 min readApr 8, 2021

As a creative of today’s society, to get more recognition, it is important to have our content out digitally on social media. wipshot has gathered 3 tips that digital creatives should know to maximize their success on social media.

1. Have a tone of voice/theme

By setting a tone or a theme to your page, you’re not only able to attract the right audience to your page, people will be attracted to your specific brand identity. Post content that supports a key message so that when someone comes across your page, they know exactly what your page is about and why they should follow you.

  • Give people a sense of context of you and your art
  • Work on your strong side
  • Be authentic to your brand identity
  • Share a message, have a purpose

2. Stay active as possible

Social media should not be mistaken as a portfolio. Instead it should be seen as a form of communication. It isn’t important to only share your best work, as what is important in social media is being noticed and getting engagement. But since we are not able to produce high-quality work everyday, instead of posting whenever we are finished, we could post our work processes, random fun posts that aren’t finished works, but still add to your brand identity, client work, and also passion projects. Sometimes, it is difficult to post everyday, so it is good to post engaging content such as stories, or polls to get to know your audience. This could also be good to build a relationship with your audience, making your audience become loyal and yourself seem more authentic and personal.

  • Use microcontent eg. Stories, polls
  • Fun posts in between that doesn’t have to best art
  • Share working process
  • Post a mix of client work and passion projects

3. Keep a Balance

As much as social media is an important platform for today’s digital creatives, social media trends come and go. Such as tumblr, once being a popular social media platform, is now not frequently used. Instagram is popular right now, but who is to say what platform will be considered the main platform in the next 10 years. This is why it is important to keep up with the trending platforms, and use multiple platforms to share your work and brand identity to have a wider range of reach of audience. If you link your platforms to each other, audience from one platform can follow you on another platform. But due to the instability of social media platforms, it’s important to figure out your identity as a creative first, and you will have no problem creating a successful social media account in any platforms.

  • Use multiple platforms
  • Keep up with trending platforms
  • Don’t rely purely on social media

Illustrations from DrawKit.

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