How This Creative Marketing Agency is Reimagining Work Post-Pandemic

4 min readMay 25, 2021


Illustration by MOH! Studios

How This Creative Marketing Agency Behind Korea’s Top Ranking Meme Is Reimagining Work Post COVID19

MOH! is a creative marketing agency unlike any other, working with Korea’s biggest companies like Samsung and KaKaoTalk. In this interview, we talked about how they worked during the past few months, and if wipshot actually supported beyond working from home. The founder, creator, and manager had different opinions.

How wipshot Elevated Production for Creators, Partners, and Clients Prior to Publishing

The Founder

With wipshot’s reviewing and proofing system in place, we completed all projects scheduled during the first year of the pandemic- meaning all clients were delivered and satisfied as planned in spite of transition to and from remote work.

“We were lucky to find early on about a tool like wipshot that streamlined communication and collaboration enabling us to scale easily and tend to new clients without an equal increase in resources to achieve it,” Lee commented. “Using the internal sharing and reviewing process we built through wipshot, I now realize and understand the work our in-house team produces on a deeper level. I think my creative team appreciated that,” says Lee with a smile.

wipshot has been tremendously valuable in transforming our publishing process for our team, and strengthening the presentation to our clients,” says Lee. “I’m a believer in raising the overall industry than competing, so I’ve been happy to teach fellow leaders in my field about collaborative tools, who were frustrated during the pandemic… since a big portion of the service we output is visual. I show them how wipshot helped streamline the workflow for us, and have seen several companies implementing it because of our team’s success,” concluded Lee.

Chanbin Kim, UX Designer of MOH! Studios

The Lead Content Strategist

“I’m just happy that we found a one platform solution where I can compile everyone’s feedback for the contents I pushed out, without having to look up the animation frame by its timecode. The biggest and best part is that wipshot cut out a lot of the time I spent on emails, organizing file versions, or even giving directions on finding the correct version for others… (it) happens much more than you think. Oh, and I enjoy sharing through the single review link feature to have my outsourcing audio team view only certain versions I allow without having them join the entire Project. That’s how I’ve been using it.” said Kim. When asked if he plans on using the platform post-pandemic, “It’s definitely made my workflow more efficient whether I’m using it at home or in the office. Just the fact that I can forget about timecodes is a deal-maker for me” stated Kim.

Zinbo Sim, Content Manager and Art Director of MOH! Studios

The Creative Contents Manager and Art Director

wipshot is a manager’s dream. It’s about time that we get a streamlining tool fit for the creative industry that doesn’t require installation, yet robust enough for production teams, and still easy enough for us and clients to use.”

wipshot means that I, as the manager, can review different content versions produced by my creative team in one place without downloading images and videos,” says Sim. “It even means that you can play different video versions on one screen simultaneously. And finally, it means you can comment exactly on the frame where you need edits without jumping on to email or some other messaging platform. Yes, we don’t need to memorize and list out timecodes anymore. I simply pause the video and leave my comment or attach a reference file on the comment. Can we all just agree to stop writing ‘Please find attached’ in emails anymore, or just stop emails in general?! On that note, this website is quintessential whether it’s working from home during the pandemic, back in the office, or on vacation… I usually still have projects to review during vacation due to the time-sensitivity in the nature of our work. When it’s in the final stage, it’s easier for me to get it approved from the boss since all the file versions and progress from beginning to end is there on wipshot and kept organized” concluded Sim.




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