Why Content Marketing is the Best Form of Marketing on the Planet

1 min readApr 21, 2021



  1. Content marketing is how to quit 9–5 work
  2. Content marketing is how to accumulate tens of millions of organic views on work online.
  3. Content marketing is how to work with founders of some of the world’s most well-known companies, C-level executives of billion-dollar organizations, Silicon Valley investors, Grammy-winning musicians, acclaimed public speakers, and NYT best-selling authors.
  4. Content, in itself, is an asset. Ads, however, are not.

To Wrap it Up

“If you spend $5,000 on ads, then those ads only survive the length of that budget. Content, however, is timeless.”

It doesn’t have a shelf life.

This means if you spend $5,000 creating articles (or videos, or podcasts, or whatever the asset actually is), that’s $5,000 worth of value you’re placing out into the marketplace.

Someone might come across your article tomorrow, love it, reach out, and become a paying client 24 hours later.

Info Credit: Nicolas Cage