Companies that are confident in their product’s value know that free trials are one of the best ways to allow potential customers to experience whether their software can drastically and effectively optimize the operation.

However, man software companies offer free trials simply because their competitors are doing so.

With that in mind, we went ahead to test and cipher through for you the best four streamlining tools content producers use deemed valuable only with the free trial plan.


Piktochart, without a doubt, is one of the most popular ways to visualize data and provide the creative team or…

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  • Spend more time optimizing existing content than creating new content. The algorithm is steadily changing to favor actual experts, and content delivery and distribution are playing as big a role in the value of content as the content itself.

The composition of the content marketing team is changing. Content marketing teams in the future will have access to more resources and talent than we’ve ever had

  • Immediacy: providing priority access or immediate delivery
  • Personalization: content tailored just for you
  • Interpretation: providing support, guidance, and context in understanding a given area
  • Authenticity: real advice from real people
  • Accessibility: content that can be accessed when and where you want it
  • Embodiment: content delivered in the form you want it
  • Findability: filtering out irrelevant content

This information…

Illustration by MOH! Studios

How This Creative Marketing Agency Behind Korea’s Top Ranking Meme Is Reimagining Work Post COVID19

MOH! is a creative marketing agency unlike any other, working with Korea’s biggest companies like Samsung and KaKaoTalk. In this interview, we talked about how they worked during the past few months, and if wipshot actually supported beyond working from home. The founder, creator, and manager had different opinions.

How wipshot Elevated Production for Creators, Partners, and Clients Prior to Publishing


What is Content Collaboration?

You join forces with another brand and create awesome content. Then, you share it with both of your audiences, and it provides a shot in the arm of freshness as well as opening your brand up to a whole new set of people, without costing a fortune.

Some of the most iconic brand collaborations have come from the most seemingly unlikely partnerships. Gucci and Disney, sharpie and Nike, Dolce & Gabbana and Smeg, Peanuts and Marc Jacobs, KFC and Cheetos…you get the idea.

So, here’s 5 way to make your collaboration a success

1. Choose brands with similar attitude to yours

Apple sells innovation not iPhones, and Airbnb sells homes away from home not lodging. Ultimately, you’re…

Positive Emotions = Long-Term ROI

ROI stands for return of investment.
Consumers buy because of what they’re feeling — not necessarily what they’re thinking. Make your customers happy, and you’ll win their business for life.

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Engaging the Senses

  • Visual communication: always utilize easy to use free webapps like wipshot
  • Appeal to your audience’s imagination using sound, VR, etc.; output higher content by communicating all of your ideas for visual collaboration.

1) Start with a detailed content strategy

2) Outline a month’s worth of ideas in advance

  • The content will be more consistent if your ideas are outlined ahead of time
  • You’ll be able to redirect time you would have spent on brainstorming to creating your content
  • A month’s worth of topics in advance will cut content marketing prep time as much as 50%

3) Create multiple headlines in advance


  1. Content marketing is how to quit 9–5 work
  2. Content marketing is how to accumulate tens of millions of organic views on work online.
  3. Content marketing is how to work with founders of some of the world’s most well-known companies, C-level executives of billion-dollar organizations, Silicon Valley investors, Grammy-winning musicians, acclaimed public speakers, and NYT best-selling authors.
  4. Content, in itself, is an asset. Ads, however, are not.

To Wrap it Up

“If you spend $5,000 on ads, then those ads only survive the length of that budget. Content, however, is timeless.”

It doesn’t have a shelf life.

This means if you spend $5,000 creating articles…

  • High quality and relevant content
    Consumers are at an all-time low in terms of tolerance for interruptive or irrelevant content.
  • In-person is now virtual
    Collaborate on for creative content
  • Fans, not followers
    No longer just about creating an audience of followers, but an audience of devoted fans.

What Does This Mean for Your 2021 Content Marketing Strategy?

As much as we love slack and dropbox, it probably isn’t a good fit for the creative content today. Communicate creative work efficiently on productivity web apps like wipshot; a free reviewing, proofing and streamlining platform. No more dispersed emails, texts, phone calls, and meetings.

  1. Check all versions of images and videos instantly without download in one place.

As a creative of today’s society, to get more recognition, it is important to have our content out digitally on social media. wipshot has gathered 3 tips that digital creatives should know to maximize their success on social media.

1. Have a tone of voice/theme


Share Instantly. Review Clearly.

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